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The Grants and Programs provided by MS Solutions are eligable for people diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. Applicants must provide documentation of their condition and the needs they're applying for. In all cases we will assist by working directly with the party to be contracted or the party owed, we do not send funds directly to applicants.  
Transportation needs for patients going to and from MS related appointments. We provide private transportation, public transportation cards, assisted tranportation and vehicle modifications.
Cooling Program
MS patients can often experience pain and discomfort from heat and direct sunlight.We provide cooling vests, wristbands, headbands. We also provide air conditioners (window and in- room units).
Home Healthcare
Having MS can have challenges for people living at home. With some assistance we can help people stay in their homes where they are comfortble.
Emergency Assistance
Our Emergency Grant is to assist in urgent situations to provide funds for, rent, utilities, medical supplies and medications. 
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Home Accesability
Modifications are often needed for people with MS to have acess into and around their homes. We can have wheelchair ramps built, widen doorways, lower counters and have stair lifts installed.
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Health & Wellness
Staying physically fit and active is important to people living with MS as well as alternative therapies. Individuals may apply for full or partial payment for fitness  centers, gyms, alternative fitness programs, aquatics, yoga and massage.  
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